Big Mouth Retro Juice: Lime & Cherry - 10ML

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Big Mouth Lime Cherry Aroma
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Leeeet’s twist again!!!!!!! Cherry lips, a pinup image and hairstyles. You are ready to twist. It will wake up memories of an addiction to sweet cherry candies in your childhood. Recreate old memories day by day.
In the Summer, when all days and nights are topical hot and you have only one wish to freshen up yourself- lime fruit is your salvation. It revives you with new unstoppable energy and your power flourishes again from the beginning. Everything is even better with a sweet cherry on top.
Artikelnr. 412478
Merknaam Big Mouth
Adviesverhouding 8% tot 15%
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Lengte 65
Hoogte 150
Breedte 40
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