Big Mouth Fizzy: Watermelon | Tangerine | Lime - 10ML

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Big Mouth Fizzy Watermelon Tangerine Lime Aroma
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A watermelon craving for attention. Enjoy this flavor cocktail alongside with your friends during the day or night. The combination is just outstanding. Once you try, you'll want more. So be prepared to provide plenty of refills for your adorable guests.
The best mix of summer in your hands, anytime, anyplace, in any needs. A sappy watermelon will open your mind, a tangerine will make you remember some cold winter evenings and cozy nights, whereas and a lime will bring back all of your memories from your unforgettable parties you’ve been. Don’t be shy, give it a try.
Artikelnr. 412487
Merknaam Big Mouth
Adviesverhouding 8% tot 15%
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Lengte 42
Hoogte 168
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