Big Mouth Fizzy: Apple | Dragon fruit | Pear - 10ML

Artikelnummer : 412490
Big Mouth Fizzy Dragonfruit Aroma
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This flavor cocktail is BANGIN!!!!! Challenge yourself to try it!!!!! Let yourself be a daredevil who chases the dragon,the fruit dragon.
A sweet pear to candy-coat your life a bit. A luscious apple to sweeten your life and a dragon fruit for a great, great challenge. A perfect mix giving you an opportunity to decide what you vape. Try it, taste it and feel it.
Artikelnr. 412490
Merknaam Big Mouth
Adviesverhouding 8% tot 15%
Gewicht 0.0220
EAN 4779044190621
Lengte 42
Hoogte 168
Breedte 42
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