Big Mouth Classic: Strike - 10ML

Artikelnummer : 412476
Big Mouth Fruit Strike Aroma
€ 4,99
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Disobey your bad mood, pursue your goals and make your own day in the way you want it to be. It’s just amazing.
Sparkling, joyful bubbles dancing wildly free around in a fizzy drinking glass, enriched with a bitter lemon and a juicy, succulent lime. You can already smell a cloud of emotions and happiness around yourself every time you take a puff. What could you wish more on a hot and dry day?
Artikelnr. 412476
Merknaam Big Mouth
Adviesverhouding 8% tot 15%
Gewicht 0.0220
EAN 4779044190324
Lengte 65
Hoogte 95
Breedte 40
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